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Punk's Movies

20 May 1970
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The nickname Punk was given to me by KCGL radio DJ Mike Summers. My friends and I use to hang out at the station before school, during school & after school and skateboard. The terrian was condusive and they played music out through their security intercom that could be easily heard while skateing. The DJ's would even come out and talk to us and give us stickers, lp's and the like. I was the kid with the spiked leather jacket, wild clothing, and the mowhawk. Since Mike did not know my name, he just started calling me Punk. And, it just stuck. It then became Punk at Centerville Jr. High for roll call on Mike's morning show. Later it was Punk from Viewmont for roll call on his morning show. Then, when I finished High School and transfered from the UofU to Weber State, Mike was at a station in Ogden called KJQ. Since Weber State was close to the station I would stop by fequently and that's where he intorduced me to Kerry & Bill. Due to my eating habits and playing with the toy from a box of Frankenberry one morning, I was put on the air for Punk's breakfast cereal update which told you what toys you could get in what cereal boxes each week. When KJQ evolved into X96 through much pain and suffering the breakfast ceral update was no longer feasible due to that pain and suffering. So, through the magic of those that comprise the Radio From Hell morning show (for those that feel like hell in the morning), it evolved into the Punk's video review and junk food update that you see right before your very eyes. Broadcasted live every other Tuesday on X96 at 96.3fm sometime between 7:00am and 7:20am. And, yes all of the junk food either comes from items seen in the movie, items that relate to the movie or, what I happen to be eating while I am watching the movie. As for me, well I am and always will be honored and in awe to be considered a friend of the program, (F.O.P.). They have truly become family over the years for an outcast punk, newaver and geek that has just never quite fit in anywhere else.